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A Toddler Friendly Christmas Tree! 

I freakin love Christmas! I always have, but now I’m a mum I love it even more!

My husband and I have always had the tradition of putting our tree up in the first weekend of December. We stick the cheesy music on, crack open a tin of celebrations and act like excited children wrapping the tree in layers of tinsel. 

Last year, Edie was a squishy 4 month old who was just mesmerised by the glitter and lights. This year, she’s a mischievous toddler! I can already sense the decorations making their way higher and higher up the tree as the month goes on, in desperate attempt to get them out of her grasp.

Whilst I’ve accepted my fate, I’ve been on the hunt for a toddler friendly Christmas tree of her very own. I struck gold! 

I found this gem! I mean, if you’re crafty you could easily make your own… but I’m lazy and it didn’t seem worth the trouble. 

Basically, it’s a huge piece of green felt cut into a Christmas tree. All of the decorations have a piece of Velcro on the back, so you can easily decorate and redecorate to your hearts content! 

Edie took an immediate interest… in the packaging but wasn’t overly sold by the whole idea. However, after I had lovingly placed the decorations on, she bought over a book and sat by it to read! We also cracked out the Christmas books and bought a few new ones for the collection… more on that in another post!

Since then, she’s warmed to it and has taken a few off, had a nibble and put them back on again. Whilst I know it won’t compare to the shiny glistening baubles on our tree, it might make a good distraction.

I’ve also bought one for my classroom. I think the 4 and 5 year olds will love it and it will work wonderfully in the role play area! 

If anyone else has found any toddler friendly Christmas ideas or decorations, please throw them my way! 

Get your Toddler Friendly Christmas Tree Right Here!

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