Last Minute, Cheap Toddler Halloween Outfits 

My husband and my bank balance will both tell you, I freakin’ love buying Edie clothes! I walk around in holey leggings and old maternity tops, whilst her draws are filled to the brim!

Although I actually buy a fair amount of Edie’s clothes second hand, especially during the younger days when she was growing out of things every other day… I do still buy a lot of her clothes new. However, I draw the line at novelty clothes and that includes Halloween! She will almost literally get one wear out of it!

So, I’ve been on the hunt for cute halloween themed outfits that my husband won’t divorce me over when he sees the cost! Sainsbury’s and Asda have come out top with some absolute bargains!

First up… Saisnburys

sainsburys peekaboo
Tu clothing White Halloween Printed Tee • £3

sainsburys glittercat
Tu clothing Black Halloween Sequin Cat Top • £7–10

sainsburys ghost top
Tu clothing Black Halloween Ghost Tee • £3.50–4.50

sainsburys ghost pjs
Tu clothing Grey Ghost Halloween Pyjama Set • £7–8


gap batgirl
Halloween graphic cape tee • £8.99

Halloween boo footed sleep one-piece • £10.99

gap leggings
Halloween cat stretch jersey leggings • £3.99

gap cat
Halloween kitten crew sweater • £10.99


george magic top

George Halloween Slogan T-Shirt • George • £3–4

george mummy
George Halloween Glow in the Dark Mummy Top • George • £2.50–3

george pumkin dress
George Halloween Pumpkin Print Jersey Dress • George • £6

george skeleton.jpg

George Halloween Slogan T-Shirt • George • £3–4


Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 21.47.28
F&F Halloween Witch All in One with Hat Hairband, Newborn Girl’s • F&F • £9

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 22.21.20 F&F Pumpkin Long Sleeve T-Shirt and Joggers Halloween Set, Newborn Unisex • F&F • £8



Whatever you decide to dress your little’n up as, have a wonderful Halloween!
From, us!

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