Go Outside and Play!


I love a lazy day at home as next as the next mum, but I also go absolutely stir crazy picking up the same toys and listening to the annoying music played on a loop thanks to CBeebies. So, we’re usually seen out and about at baby groups or coffee shops, where Edie can smile and wave at everyone and I can chat to any adult who will listen!

I was raised as part of the generation where we could be found out at the park everyday after school and the only rule was, “Make sure you’re home before it gets dark!” We didn’t need technology to have a great time! Just your mates, your imagination and usually a ball with your jumpers for goal posts.

Unfortunately, life isn’t like that anymore. Kids have phones before they’ve started puberty, downtime before bed is on an iPad and if you suggest they go outside to play, they’ll laugh in your face and say outside is boring!

I work with 4 and 5 year olds, who, when they’re faced with an open piece of land and no resources… struggle to know what to do with themselves! But, give them a computer and they can do your weekly shop and make an app, in the time it takes you to pop the kettle on. This is impressive and depressing at the same time.

The world now is driven by technology, so of course kids need to learn this fancy stuff! But come on now… they also need to be outside and messy and….a little bit ferrel?
Get those kiddies out to play! Your washing machine might not thank you, but your kids will.


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