Honest mum

This Too Shall Pass

I’ve been so slack at writing! I have 3 unfinished posts and I keep writing new ones and just saving the old ones. I keep questioning myself and what I’m writing. I think it’s because my head has been all over the place recently, I’m finding it hard to just keep one thought going without being distracted. This week has been freakin tough. Not only am I making preparations for my maternity leave to come to an end and head back to work, but my usually super happy and chilled baby has been taken over by some sleep hating, cranky little monster.

So Edie is 9 months big and her total number teeth add up to a big fat zero. Whilst that means we’ve got to enjoy that adorable gummy little smile for ages now, it means they’re all coming in at the same time!! So we’re attempting to survive a mammoth teething battle, leap 7 and that pesky 8-10 month sleep regression. Teething is definitely an evolutionary flaw, why hasn’t that been phased out yet?

I keep hearing the saying that the days are long and the years are short once you have a baby. Do you know what’s even longer than the days? The nights! When I had a newborn, the disrupted nights weren’t so bad… you expect them! It’s not a surprise when you’re being woken up again by a hungry little bubba. But when they’re finally sleeping through and you get used to having that sleep back and suddenly it’s snatched away again, it’s tough.

2 nights ago Edie had been asleep an hour and needed me to help resettle her 4 times! I ended up sleeping on her bedroom floor which seems to be where I spend most of my nights currently. She lets out a scream if I move a few inches away. So there I am, half of my body laying on a pillow with my arm wrapped around her tapping her until she gently drifts off. It’s then a tough decision of do I ninja roll out the door and attempt to get back into bed? Or do I admit defeat and just stay on the floor. I’m usually so tired that I’ve passed out before I can even finish my thought, let alone manage to move.
Whilst it’s ridiculously uncomfortable and I’m the definition of a ‘mombie’ I keep reminding myself that this too shall pass!

We’ve made it through the 2 weeks of 45 minute wake ups that 4 month sleep regression threw at us, we survived her needing to only sleep on me, we’re over the 30 minute on the dot naps. We’ve had illnesses, wonder week leaps, cluster feeds, separation anxiety, immunisation reactions and everything else that you think at the time just won’t end. But it does, and this will too.

It’s so easy to feel like your baby is the only one going through this and you’re the only mum struggling but of course, that’s never the case! Usually everything passes as quickly as it starts… if you’re lucky.

Eventually I’ll get my content baby back, but until then, it’s my job as her mumma to help her feel safe and comfortable whilst her little mind carries on to work out the big world she’s in. This tough time will pass, so I’ll just carry on embracing dry shampoo and wearing my hair in a mum bun.

Or, if all else fails and concealer just won’t hide those massive bags under my eyes… a snapchat filter will always make it look like you’ve got your life together!

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