I’m a bad mum because

I’ve already complimented the online mummy community for making me and so many others feel normal! We’re all trying to do our best, but with so many mums doing so many different things, we often feel like we’re the only mum in the world doing something ‘wrong’.

There’s a fair bit of pressure to be the perfect ‘instamum’ who sits on the floor, all day with their kid playing toys, no phone in sight. You can also bet that the TV is turned off. I love playing with my daughter, but there’s only so many times I can put the pretend food back into the basket for her to throw it out, or sing along to the loud, annoyingly catchy musical toy.

I guess this makes me a bad mum.

Whilst I was being an awful mum and looking on Facebook whilst Edie played with her favourite toys (a wooden spoon, a whisk and my keys), I came across a post on one of my mummy Facebook groups. Someone had started a “I’m a bad mum because” thread. Reading through it was enlightening! All the things that us mums do on a daily basis that we feel fits us into the ‘bad mum’ category. But what was amazing, was seeing the amount of mums commenting saying they do the exact same thing! So, I guess that doesn’t make us bad mums… it makes us normal!

This is inspired and dedicated to all the ‘crappy’ mums who commented on that thread. You’re all doing an amazing job!

I’m a bad mum because…

We cosleep, she’s sleep trained, he wakes up through the night,
I nurse her to sleep because it’s not worth the fight.
He’s playing with toys whilst I look at my phone,
I look forward to nap time, for some quiet time alone.
I’m bored of washing bottles and packing a healthy snack,
and all of this baby wearing is killing my back!
I forget to take pictures, we have no routine,
I have no time to shower, my house isn’t clean.
I leave the house often with vomit covered clothes,
I use my hand or my sleeve to wipe snot from your nose.
I can’t stand the crying and whinging non stop,
It now takes an hour to pop to the shop.
I’m too young, I’m too old, my kid was unexpected,
You’re my number 1 now, so poor daddy’s neglected.
I mess up, I’m not perfect and I may sometimes cry,
But I’m told to enjoy it, because time sure does fly.
You smile, we laugh and I love when we play,
You’re happy, you’re healthy and learning everyday.
One day you won’t need me as much as you do,
You won’t need me to feed you or put on your shoes.
Know that I love you even at 3am,
When you’ve decided you need a cuddle again. 
You’ll be my baby even when you have grown,
So I promise to try and put down my phone,
and I’ll pick up the toy you’ve thrown time after time,
I’ll read that book again and sing the nursery rhyme.
I’m not a bad mum, I’m learning too,
It’s me and you kid, and I really love you!

Stevie x
Insta – @stevieandedie
Twitter – @stevieandedie

6 thoughts on “I’m a bad mum because

  1. I love this so much! There is way too much pressure on moms to be perfect. Of course none of us can stand to sit there and play toddler games on repeat all day. They will be fine playing by themselves sometimes! What matters is we love our kids and take care of them- it's OK to do things we enjoy too 🙂 Great message.


  2. Oh wow!! This is the cutest and the most honest article I have read today. You nailed it! We are all normal mums trying to make sense out of poo, vomit and drool. Hugs!!


  3. This is so true. I've always been really loose with my daughter and our routine. I try and enjoy all our moments together but I think we always have some sort of guilt that we should have enjoyed things more, no matter how much we did enjoy them! x


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