Product Review: Sleepyhead Grand

3 months into motherhood and I was feeling great! Edie was waking up twice to feed and then happily going back into her little crib attached to our bed. She would nap snuggled on me but would happily be put down, or a nice snooze in her baby carrier. The world was great.

Then BAM! 4 month sleep regression came and slapped the smug, new mum attitude right off my well rested face. Suddenly, my dreamy little babe decided that sleep was overrated and waking up every 45 minutes was a brilliant idea. I DISAGREE EDIE! I DISAGREE!

I was broken. You suddenly understand why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture. As soon as she fell back to sleep and I had just drifted into a deep sleep, she was wide awake again. This went on for 2 whole weeks before calming down. I became desperate! I think I googled everything from ‘can you die from lack of sleep’ to ‘why does my baby hate me?’ I’m not ashamed to say I cried a lot between the ages of 4.5 – 6 months. You have this exhausted baby, who won’t sleep and you instantly start blaming yourself.

But I started blaming not only myself, but everything! The room isn’t dark enough, her bed isn’t comfortable.. That’s when I came across the Sleepyhead. I read review after review and they all described this bed as pure magic. I was sceptical…but desperate and exhausted and thought anything was worth a shot.

What did I expect? Did I expect to put Edie in it and for her to magically sleep the whole night through without a peep? Kinda! For £165.00 for a baby bed, part of me also expected it to her sing her to sleep and make me a cuppa tea in the morning! Unfortunately, none of those things happened, but she did sleep a lot better! Infact, she went back to her 2 wake ups rather than the 5+ we had previous nights. It didn’t stay that way, but definitely got her out of that horrific sleep slump.

Okay, so it’s not magic. But it definitely helped and one thing I’ve noticed is, it’s helped more as she grows into it. It’s recommended for use from 8 months, we decided to buy Grand over the Deluxe so it would last longer. The whole point in the bed is it leaves baby feeling snug, so the bigger she gets the more snug she’s going to feel. 

Edie is now 9 months and I think she loves her bed more than she loves me. Her naps went from waking every 30 minutes exactly, to these glorious 2 hour morning naps! I even watch her wake up over the video monitor, have a little fidget to get comfy and drift back off to sleep. It has been amazing since we decided to move her into her own room. It’s on the floor, which means I can go and lay next to her to feed and cuddle, then ninja roll away when she’s asleep. 

The problems… 

  • The price is painful. However, if you invest in the sleepyhead Grand, it can be used up until the age of 3! 
  • After you’ve remortgaged your house to buy the thing, if you want a spare cover, you’re looking at another 80 quid! Don’t do it! An extra large muslin or fitted cot sheet works just as well. 
  • She’s become so comfortable and used to having this snuggly bumper around her, that if she sleeps anywhere else… naps last 30 minutes.

The positives…

  • It’s really comfortable, I’ve tried it!
  • It’s easy to move around. We’ve taken ours on holiday with us so she’s still sleeping in her bed.
  • No need to worry about baby rolling or getting legs stuck in cot railings. 
  • It’s nice to know she will potentially be in that bed until she’s 3. What on earth we’ll do to get her out of it is a battle I can’t bare to think about just yet.

Would I get it again? 

We will definitely be saving this bad boy for any future little babes. But, if saving wasn’t an option I do think we’d buy again. She get’s so comfy and rolls onto her side resting her leg up on the bumper. 

Product Rating: A solid 8. The price just stinks.

Stevie x
Insta – @stevieandedie
Twitter – @stevieandedie

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