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Mummy Shortcuts

Since popping out my daughter, I realised my organisation skills had to improve. I’m one of those people who, if you wanted to meet me at 1, tell me 12.30 and I might be on time. Getting myself ready was enough of a challenge, let alone a baby who resembles a crazy octopus when trying to get her changed. Seriously, legs and arms everywhere! Then there’s the baby bag. Oh god… see ya later tiny clutch bags that just about fit my phone and a few pound coins.

I digress, anyway, I’m constantly trying to find little shortcuts to make life easier and make me feel like I’m organised and on top of things. For example, taking a cartoon of formula out with me incase baby gets hungry and boiling water isn’t in available… or she’s too hungry to wait for it to cool down.

I thought if I’m going to stay on top of writing a blog, I need to get organised and I need to make sure I don’t lose interest so I can actually write things remotely interesting. So, here is me being organised and giving myself strict instructions. For anyone interested, this is what you can (hopefully) expect.

My aim is to post on Monday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday evenings.
Monday: Easy to read lists. Think ’20 disgusting things mums do everyday’ or ’15 foods you’ll buy for your baby because you secretly want to eat them’.

Thursday: Reviews! As soon as you have a baby you’re bombarded with ‘must have’ items. Maternity pay doesn’t exactly pay well, so I’m always on the look out for items to make our lives easier that won’t leave me auctioning off organs. So, have a read before you decide to part with your money (psst, the first one is going to be on my beloved Sleepyhead Deluxe!)

Saturday: General Ramblings.  Chit chat of our experiences, troubles, achievements and a few embarrassing stories thrown into the mix.

That’s my aim for now! Let’s see how we get on.

So it’s Monday! So time for a good list, everyone loves a list. I’d like to add, that these are things that I’ve done myself and I’ve personally found make a difference.

15 Ways to Make Mummying a little easier

1. Let’s start with the obvious… baby wipes do everything. Clean the baby, the kitchen, your clothes, take your make up off (don’t judge… we’ve all been too tired to do it properly).
2. Get an all plastic highchair. That way, when it’s covered in the contents of your entire fridge, you can either hose it down or chuck it in the shower. This one from Ikea is crazily cheap and does the job perfectly. 
3. Get some hooks and stick them onto the back of the highchair and you have a place to store all your bibs!

4. It’s okay that dry shampoo is your new best friend, don’t fight it, embrace it. 
5. A must have for the breastfeeding mummas! When you’re first establishing feeding and feeling very sore, use these nipple shells to help air circulate (faster healing) and to stop them sticking to your breast pads. Be warned, you will look like early Madonna when they’re shoved down your bra.
6. ALSO use the shells to collect milk! I kept them in over night and would feed on one side then empty the other shell into a clean bottle. I could get 4oz easy during the night, which I then shoved in the fridge or freezer.

7. When you first move your baby into their own room, make a floor bed with their mattress. That way, you can feed laying next to them and can just roll away when you’re done! No picking up and attempting the ninja move of putting down a sleeping baby!

8.  Make your own sensory bottles using whatever you’ve got in the cupboard. Our favourite is filled with spaghetti, a few rocks and some glitter.

9. Edie never took a dummy…despite my dedicated efforts. Pregnant me got a bit too excited and ordered lovely dummy clips with her name on. Not wanting them to go to waste, I use them with toys! No more launching them from the buggy!

10. Getting a baby to sleep is hard enough, without them then deciding to wake as soon as the sun comes up. Get a blackout blind! We use this one, but I have mixed reviews… watch this space!

11. Swaddling is a massive faff. Luckily, companies now do swaddle sacks that make it easy to do for even the least coordinated of mums! Also sooo much easier with middle of the night nappy changes.

12. Speaking of those middle of the night changes, don’t be tricked into buying wipe warmers. I mean, really? A contraption to warm up baby wipes… Just chuck the packet under your pillow and whip them out at changing time.

13. I feel like I was almost promised to have a baby that would fall asleep in the car. No such luck, Edie HATED her car seat. I’m talking screaming bloody murder as soon as she was placed in the thing. Then I was recommended battery operated fairy lights! Wrap them around the carseat and you have a beautiful baby distraction!

14. If you’re bed sharing or just moved your babe into a big kid bed and worried they’re going to fall out. Tuck a pool noodle under the bed sheet to act as a little bumper!

15. Shopping trolleys are disgusting and I can imagine to be a bit boring! Wrap a carseat toy around the handlebars to stop babies chomping down on it and to keep them entertained!

So that’s that! If anyone has any cheeky little parenting hacks that I’ve missed, please share your wisdom! Thursday evening, as promised, will be a review on the sleepyhead deluxe!

Stevie x
Insta – @stevieandedie
Twitter – @stevieandedie

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