Gotta Start Somewhere!

When little’n is asleep and I don’t have to be sat on the floor making animal noises, drinking cold tea and wondering whether that smell has come from the baby or the dog, I love getting comfy with my phone and reading a good mum blog. Now, when I say ‘good’ I don’t mean these edited picture perfect yummy mummy blogs, where you read about how their little darling slept through the night from the moment they left the womb. Or the ones who spend their evenings carefully flicking through recipe books because of course, their baby eats all fresh, all organic all the time. Motherhood is hard enough without your virtual smack in the face thanks.
I’m talking about the mummy blogs that make you realise you’re not alone, or the ones that make you realise it’s normal to feel alone… even when you’ve got a baby attached to your hip/boob/leg (take your pick, we’ve all been there). When my baby is tucked up in bed at night, I slump on the sofa, with my very unforgiving mumtum (or kangaroo pouch as I like to call it) hanging out with biscuits and mentally high five my babe on both of us getting through the day. Reading about how other mums are equally as thrilled at just surviving the day makes me feeling like actually, I’m doing okay at this raising a kid stuff, even if I am functioning on a few hours sleep. 

Being the social media addict I am, as soon as I saw the word Pregnant pop up on that pee covered stick, I downloaded apps and searched facebook for people who were experiencing the exact same thing. I became part of this wonderful online community of women who weren’t afraid to tell it like it is! A few of us created a whatsapp group and we share our fears, achievements and countless embarrassing stories with each other daily. There’s something about sharing your experiences with people you’ll never meet that really appealed to me.

We’re all honest with one another and that’s something a lot of mums are scared to do. As soon as I fell pregnant I ran to every mum I knew and excitedly asked what their pregnancy was like. I was greeted time after time with “the best experience” and “I loved being pregnant” and let’s not forget the infamous pregnancy glow. If you are newly pregnant and have heard these things and want to believe it, stop reading now, because I’m calling bullshit on those comments.
I fell in love with the online mummy community. I would be feeling inadequate, self conscious and very much alone if it weren’t for those mums brave enough to share their daily struggles. We’re all winging it, wanting to do our best and if I can make just 1 mum feel like they’re doing a good job then that’s a bloody good start.
So expect to read about tears, tantrums (me? Baby? Not too sure yet), lack of sleep, baby groups, cold cups of tea and all bodily functions (baby? Me? Hmm..) basically, a real day in the life of a mum and a little sleep thieving cutie.

I guess if we’re going to relate everything to experiences of being a mum… would this be conception? I’ll leave that weird thought with you.

Stevie x
Insta – @stevieandedie
Twitter – @stevieandedie

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